In 2019 the Cathedral Church of Saint John Divine, seat of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, invited members of Chemin Neuf to live as a praying and serving community on the Close and help run a training program for young people (the Community at the Crossing). There is currently a fraternity of brothers and sisters living on site, involved in the life of the Cathedral at different levels and working to further the unity of Christians in the city of New York.

Community members pray together daily. However, it is not possible to participate in all manners of worship in the same way altogether. In accordance with the sacramental discipline of the Roman Catholic Church, Roman Catholic mass is not celebrated in the cathedral, but will be celebrated for the Roman Catholics living on the precinct in a separate oratory on the Close. 

We run a weekly prayer and worship evening and organize monthly away days on the Close of the Cathedral.
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The Community at the Crossing is made up of young people from across the USA and across Christian denominations who choose to take a year out of their normal pathway, in order to study, to dive into community life, to experience a radical rhythm of prayer, to serve the poor and the City of New York, and to be interrupted by God.

The Community at the Crossing is ran through a partnership between the Chemin Neuf Community and the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine (Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of New York). It is open to any Christian between 20 – 33 years old, from any Christian denomination, from anywhere in the USA.


Long before the establishment of the Community in New York, Chemin Neuf has been ministering in the US through the Cana Program for couples. It started back in 2001 in Boston and is now very active in California.


Chemin Neuf Community
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