Everything we organize has just one purpose: get to know Jesus better, and follow him with others. That’s what makes a difference in the world, and it’s up to you.

“A young man cannot retire at the age of 20!
He has to be walking everyday.
Don’t spend your life sitting on the couch, live life!”

Pope Francis


To prepare for the World Youth Day event (WYD) in Lisbon, the Chemin Neuf Community will gather 4,000 young people from 40 different countries at the Welcome to Paradise Festival in Portimão, on the south coast of Portugal.

This ‘à la carte’ festival aims to reach Christians of all sensibilities with a modern language that draws on the riches of the Christian tradition. Every day, there will be dozens of workshops with great speakers, sports and leisure activities, prayer programs to go deeper with God, as well as evening meetings altogether and opportunities to encounter others.
In short: a vacation in Paradise!


Prayer and worship evening, away days, spiritual accompaniment, programs in collaboration with the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine…there is a lot going on in New York City! Find out more here or contact us.


Many people can witness about the rewards of taking a gap year. Even more so when it’s a year for God, with God.
Why not you?
Take time out to learn more about God, yourself, the Church, community life…
Chemin Neuf offers different gap year programs – which one speaks to you?

  • Hautecombe Discipleship School: join 50 other young adults from all over the world, for either 3 months or 1 year, in a beautiful abbey in Southern France.
  • JET, volunteering abroad: discover the 15 countries where you can serve, giving as generously as you have received.
  • The Community at the Crossing: this year of deeply-shared community life is for any Christian between 20 – 30 years old, from any Christian denomination, from anywhere in the USA.

Find out more about other gap year options with our community: